News — The latest Veganuary treats at Parc Trostre


We’ve scoured the offerings at Parc Trostre for the best Veganuary finds and new arrivals. This year there are new arrivals at  Burger King, M&S, Pizza Hut, and Subway.

The Ultimate Bean Burger has returned at Burger King! Loaded with black beans, sweet red pepper, green chilli, and mushrooms, this flavorful creation is finished with a crunchy tortilla chip crumb. Topped with American cheese, crispy lettuce, freshly sliced tomatoes, creamy mayo, and tangy tomato ketchup, all encased in a light brioche-style bun. And that’s not all – indulge in the delight of vegan nuggets for a perfect plant-based pairing.

Marks & Spencer’s is elevating your Veganuary experience with an array of delectable plant-based options in their cafe and store. Our favourite is the Very Veggie Toastie, a scrumptious creation featuring seasoned butternut squash, red onion petals, red and yellow peppers, vegan feta cheese, and black olives. Sandwiched between sourdough bread and complemented by red pepper tapenade and a herby vegan dressing. Don’t miss out on the Butterscotch Oat Latte for a sweet post-shopping treat too!

Pizza Hut has the ultimate feast this Veganuary! Introducing the Beyond Pepperoni Pizza, featuring a plant-based cheese stuffed crust. Too cheesy? Don’t worry they’ve got a classic version too!

Subway is joining the Veganuary celebration with the new Plant Picante. Sink your teeth into a spiced plant patty, accompanied by American-style cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, crispy onions, sweet onion, and garlic & herb sauces. Easily customise your order by substituting the cheese and sauce with their vegan alternatives.

Whether you’re craving a hearty burger, a gourmet toastie, a cheesy pizza, or a satisfying sub, this Veganuary we’ve got you covered.

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